The Chemistry Design Store. 

Contemporary art & design from the Czech Republic.

Curated by The Chemistry Gallery.

LEEDA is an established Czech fashion brand, founded in Prague in 2003, and Lucie Kutálkova became the main designer of the brand since 2012.

He designs every collection with a passion for quality materials, tailoring and a sense of detail. Each piece of the collection is made in the Czech Republic.

You can also find accessories and jewelry from other designers in the shop.

Bartolomějská 304/1, Praha 1

Harddecore is a fashion showroom of Josefina Bakošová's “josefinabakosova” fashion and Peter Bakos. We are a business with Czech and foreign design and fashion.

We enjoy looking and discovering. We prefer honest processing. The beauty of our products is not at the expense of nature. We love the beautiful things we want to give to others.

Senovážné náměstí 2088/10A, Praha 1

We enjoy watching fashion differently. Be aware of the context and feel responsible for the environment and the people we share it with.

We want to create and support the creative and responsible side of fashion and wardrobe. At the same time, we want to be part of everyday life. We understand that every garment and accessory is best when a creator, manufacturer, and the wearer is satisfied.

We bring the best of local fashion online. We are LOCAL LABELS.

Because the story matters.

BackYard is a space where you can meet designers, jewelers, fashion designers.

You will find a sales showroom, workshops, studios, space for shows and presentations of new collections, lectures, and discussions with authors.

There is also a seating area for coffee or a glass of wine. The BackYard program is varied and open to everyone.

U Obecního dvora 2, Praha 1

100CLASS concept store you can find in the historical part of Prague. It is a place dominated by timelessness and minimalism, where contemporary fashion meets design. If you are looking for something unique, something that will not only fit into your wardrobe, but also the interior, you are in the right place. The unique concept of commerce is based on the presentation of exclusively designed collections of clothing, fashion accessories and art objects by leading domestic designers.

Motto: Buy less, choose well…Vivienne Westwood

Soukennická 1096/30, Praha 1

The philosophy of SHOE REPUBLIC is to offer the customer a wide selection of the best products and top service. Every year, new brands are being added, which show the trend in footwear in the world.

OD Kotva 2.patro, Náměstí Republiky 8, Praha 1

We love markets, markets, bazaars, fairs, antiques, auctions, street sales, interesting things, beautiful hand made clothes, homemade extraordinary things, original and ordinary things, design products, patina furniture, and industrial minimalism.

Krymská 36,  Praha 10

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