Klára Kvízová


She graduated from the Studio of Scriptures and Typography at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design. She graduated with a project whose aim was to publish and design the Živel magazine, which she has been working on to date.

The element has become a broad platform for the application of new experimental trends in typeface and typography as it emerges.

After the foundation of ReDesign, she has been involved in the design of a number of books, art publications, children's books, magazines, music projects, and festivals.

She has won numerous awards for her work (Typo Design Club, ED Awards, Brno Biennial, The Most Beautiful Books of the Czech Republic).

Her work has been published in many Czech and foreign publications and magazines - Deleatur, Novum, No More Rules, Type at Work, Czech 100 Design Icons, The Typographic Experiment, Woman in Graphic Design.

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